Optimizing & Customizing LED Visualization Solution Provider – Alltec Media

Media Facade design  must be driven by interior results as much as exterior appearance. Form, siting, and skin of Media Facade strongly influence visible light transmittance, day-lighting performance, cooling loads, occupant comfort as well as large media. 

Optimized and Customized Media Façade can bring the buildings aesthetics, transparency, security, sound reduction, lifecycle impacts, water penetration resistance, occupant productivity and contact with the environment, and improved office atmosphere with user control and comfort addition to energy savings.

Alltec Media’s goals to LED Media Products  meet the following concepts ;

The media façade has more than 60~90 percent VLT (visual light transmittance). Onlookers in the building will be struck by the crystal clear views into the building; meantime, the occupants will experience ‘true-to-life’ panoramic views of the city’s genuine colors and view (Allowing the view from inside-out).

Transparent media façade transforms a building into the high-resolution video display and creative lighting during both night and day. Media façade is a new concept that allows to lighten up city-scape, make streets more attractive, and pastime more informative. A well-constructed media façade wins over drivers and pedestrians alike, boosts image of large companies, helps medium and small companies to stand out among competitors.

LED Media Façade enables the owner of the building to configure the LED Media to any size and form, without effecting delivery time. With these features and others, it can be retrofitted seamlessly into most existing façade systems on the market, or into any new design, becoming an extraordinary way to revitalized existing assets, or create additional yields from new ones. In addition, LED Media Facade is supplied as a complete curtain wall façade system, which is mounted on buildings according to a multitude of construction principles.

As building owners and their consultants weigh their design objectives, they often find that exterior sun controls are an ideal part of the "green" solution for their buildings. Exterior sun controls can dramatically reduce the air conditioning loads caused by the sun’s radiation penetrating the building’s windows. Indeed, some form of exterior sun controls is now part of the prescriptive design requirements in the new Standard for the Design of High Performance, Green Buildings (ANSI, ASHRAE’s, USGBC, IES 189.1). The customizing solution for each application can meet the design requirements.

According to the sun path (summer solstice, equinox and winter solstice) of the location, the scientific sunshade of LED blades is optimal-designed to minimize the “Wash-out” of the image quality on the LED media facade. All sun-shade design is not based on hunch or speculation of other LED screen manufacturers.
The maximum brightness of the LED media façade is designed to represent video contents with 6,500 ~ 8,000 nits during the day. The LED media facade has the tracking system for the sun-path direction, automatically dimming the 256 levels of brightness in night mode and saving the energy

Aesthetics of  media facade becomes a paramount design concern in many architectural applications of LED glazing structures. Connection detailing of LED media façade represents a prime opportunity for designers to add visual interest and excitement to hardware design, but aesthetic considerations must start with a rigorous analysis of performance requirements and end with craftsmanship.