Applying the special function of dynamic sun control of the LED Media Facade onto the building’s exterior gives the possibility to transform the appearance of the building design instantly. Control over the aperture openings of the LED slat/blade will be given the maximum effect by the stylish and compact design of the LED product.

Planning for LED media façade and daylight therefore involves integrating the perspectives and requirements of various specialties and professionals. LED media facade design starts with the selection of a building site and its planning has different objectives at each stage of building design :

Conceptual Design : As the building scheme is being created, LED media facade design influences and/or is influenced by basic decisions about the building’s shape, proportions, and apertures, as well as about the integration and the role of building systems.

Design Phase : As the building design evolves, LED media facade strategies must be developed for different parts of the building. The design of facades and interior/exterior finishing, and the selection and integration of systems and services are all related to the building’s skin plan.

Final/Construction Planning : The selection of materials and products is affected by the building’s skin strategy; final details of the media skin scheme must be worked out when construction plans are created.

Commissioning and Post-Occupancy : LED media facade controls must be calibrated, and ongoing operation and maintenance of the system begins once the LED media façade system is mounted on the surface of the building.