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Product - Architectural LED Media Cladding

LED Media Claddingl® is a revolutionary finish skin in interior and/or exterior of the modern building. Sleek architectural panels infused with LED light turn conventional static facades into dynamic, interactive media.

LED Media Claddingl® are engineered, unique customized LED cladding panels that allow seamless illumination of interior or exterior walls, columns, and standalone panels and displays.

LED Media Cladding® combine our cutting-edge lighting technology with specialty architectural stainless panel, and a highly engineered framing system to create an illuminated panel unlike any other.

LED Media Cladding®  with a remarkably thin profile and a minimal bezel provide uniform light output, energy efficiency, and the unparalleled performance of high selective LEDs, delivering up to 100,000 hours of worry-free illumination and various video contents. Each LED Media Cladding Panel is manufactured with a size-specific algorithm to ensure the look of even, natural light, and eliminate hot spots, haloes or dark areas.

Product - Architectural LED Media Cladding

Aesthetically and architecturally Bliss :
LED Media Claddings are designable, ranging from 20mm to 200mm (or wider) with a wide choice of element spacing and colors.  The option of convex and cladding colors to allow the aesthetic finish of exterior or interior, even when the media façade LED Media Cladding are not working. Matching LED Media Claddings with the building finish provide a high quality product that is both functional and decorative, allowing the specifier to achieve a dramatic visual appearance, without compromise to performance.

Customizing Visualization :
LED Media Cladding enables you to customize, optimize and specify the exact dimensions of the display skin, by applying the same exterior and interior color range, surface coatings, and finishes as for the rest of the facade. This means that the building’s appearance remain intact, and the system is invisible when not in use - a major benefit to architects, owners, and local authorities.

Flexible Application :
Use this modern building materials to transform indoor and outdoor facades of any scale, from stairwells to stadiums, into works of art.

Product – Media Cladding Solutions

Ultimate control :
The beam angle of LED Media Cladding can be precisely adjusted to provide a very fine degree of light control. A variety of control options are available including digital operation with main control system, individual or group operation via remote control and fully automated with solar control. In addition, the LED Media Cladding can interface with the building management system.

Technically reliable :
All LED Media Claddings Series are designed to be used externally and when manufactured are subject to rigid quality control

Low maintenance :
The robust, aluminum/stainless, construction of the LED Media Claddings, combined with power, digital processing and interface components inside aluminum vertical/horizontal frames, ensures a virtually maintenance-free life.

Integration :
LED Media Claddings are retrofitted on existing building, or integrated in the implementation of the design by using as exterior facade, or interior partition and deploying multitude of displays on different areas of a building operating as one.

Product – Media Façade Solutions / LED Media Cladding

LED Media Cladding Panel
LED Cladding - EN LED  Cladding – HE- LED Cladding – HE-2 LED Cladding – HE-3 Remark
Beam Angle 140° 140° 140° 140°
Emitted Color RGB RGB RGB RGB
Environment IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67
Applications Night Only Night Only Night Only Night Only
Brightness 500 cd/m2 1000 cd/m2 1500 cd/m2 2,000 cd/m2
Element Spacing 62.5mm/62.5mm 62.5mm/62.5mm 50mm/50mm 40mm/50mm

LED Media Cladding  Panel
LED Cladding - CE LED Cladding - CE LED Cladding - CS LED Cladding - CP Remark
Beam Angle 140° 140° 140°  
Emitted Color RGB RGB RGB  
Environment IP67 IP67 IP67  
Applications Daylight Daylight Daylight  
Brightness 4,000 cd/m2 5,000 cd/m2 6,500 cd/m2  
Element Spacing 31mm/40mm 25mm/40mm 20mm/35mm  

Product - Architectural LED Media Cladding

LED Media Cladding Panel® represent a complete system that can be easily configured to meet project-specific needs. Standard packages include various light element spacing (pitches) panels with the high-end stainless panels (Innoxta and Verinox), power source with dimming controls and wiring, and mounting cleat extrusion

LED Media Cladding Panel® are engineered, unique customized LED claddings which allow you to seamlessly illuminate your project ;

Ideal for interior/exterior walls, columns, ceilings, or
      standalone panels
Packages include engineered, LED cladding panel with
      stainless panel ; power source with dimming controls and
      wiring; mounting cleat extrusion
Each LED cladding panel manufactured with a size-specific
      algorithm for even, natural light with haloes or dark areas
Remarkably thin panels offer uniform light output and
      unparalleled performance LEDs
Available exclusively with a wide range of LED cladding
Easily configured to meet project-specific needs

Featuring a various finish panel colors and flexible designs with LED technology, state-of-the-art LED Media Cladding® is suitably customized for any forms of media facade applications ; Integrating Searom Media’s LED technology with high-grade finish panels, LED Media Cladding product is of endurance, efficiency, and functionality.

Product – Media Façade Solutions / LED Media Cladding

LEDOT Series
Parameters LEDOT Series
Application LED Lighting Integrated with Skins or Masks
Color 4.4 Trillions
Light Element/LEDOT 1 DOT 1 DOT 2 DOT 3DOT 4 DOT
  LED Device Nichia
Light Element Spacing 15mm 20mm 30mm 40mm 50mm
  Luminous Intensity/SQM 5,000 nit 5,000 nit 5,000 nit 5,000 nit 4,000 nit
Data Control Individually addressable and controllable
Dimming Control 7 bit (128 levels) according to the ambient illuminance via sun geometry sensor
LED Lifetime 75,000 HRS
  Visual Horizontal Angle Horizontal 120º,  Vertical 120º  w/o Skin or Mask
Ambient Temperature -35 ~ 85Cº
Max. Power 50kW 50kW 50kW 50kW 50kW
70% Power 38kW 38kW 38kW 38kW 38kW
Connection Wire-to-Wire Flexible Cable
IP IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67
  Panels Integrated with and mounted behind any types of finish cladding/Skin