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Product – Media Façade Solutions / LED Media Glazing

  LED Media Glazing® provides the  creative integration with aesthetic  illumination and  facades (curtain walls) . The LED Media  Glazing  is integrated /retrofitted into the existing  structures  to create a new form of exterior/interior skins equipped with individually addressable LEDs, which converts building façades into unique, transparent canvases for vivid, large-scale media.
LED Media Glazing® extruded aluminum slats (blades or louvres) in the carrier  function as an unobtrusive second skin of building, protecting the building from harsh elements and harmful UV rays as a thermal layer.  
LED Media Glazing® consists of a fixed number of extruded aluminum slats (blades or louvres) studded with linear LED  light element array which is easily attached to the curtain wall frame and  structure.  The carriers of LED Media Glazing enables uncomplicated maintenance and service without complex wiring and cabling.
LED Media Glazing® is IP67-rated for indoor and outdoor environments, with an available optimal viewing distance of 40 meters to 2000 meters.  LED Media Glazings are  custom-designed and custom-built for each individual project, and are controllable by  HD-SD/SD-SD/HDMI/DVI input signals like computer.

Product – Media Façade Solutions

Various customizing options  for  daylight and/or night applications  are designed, engineered, manufactured and installed ; number of light element spacing from 22mm  to 62mm ; and the configuration and location of building can be custom-selected and custom-designed for the existing or new building structures.
Integration and/or Retrofit
LED Media Glazing can be retrofitted onto the existing facades of building, or custom-designed, provided as a complete curtain wall system, designed for more than 40~60 m/s  wind-load. Whatever your facade requirements are, LED Media Glazing is engineered to be fitted seamlessly on the building for indoor or outdoor applications.

Viewable in direct daylight with Innovative Power Saving
LED Media Glazing in daylight viewable series is very similar to full color LED video displays of which the brightness is more than 5,000 nits. This level of the brightness is bright enough to convey the imageries and information effectively. LED Media Glazing Series adopt very unique optic system mounted onto each LED to effectively distribute the light intensity (brightness) to the specific viewing angle. In comparison with competitors’ media façade and mesh screen , the power saving effectiveness is innovative, dropping down almost 35% less. 

Life-like Images and Palettes
LED Media Glazing have both characteristics for displaying the TV-like images like conventional LED displays, and showing various artistic imageries (colorful palettes). When it comes to definition, LED Media Glazing is capable of displaying images of virtually unlimited pixel count with parallel processing. And with trillions of colors, and over 1000 Hz refresh rates, any image displayed, moving or still, is transformed into a gigantic immersive environment.

High Brightness and Optimal Brightness
LED Media Glazing systems offers  customized light element spacing  with a wide range of resolutions in full color at various brightness levels from 500 nits to 8000 nits, visible in daylight and/or night.

Smart Digital Image Processing
Each light element supported by Smart  Media Technology  is auto-addressable and easily configured, controlled via HD-SD/SD-SD/HDMI/DVI protocols just like TV.

Robust Design and Durability
LED Media Glazing is IP67-rated at both front and back, UV-resistant, and designed to withstand outdoor elements. Additionally, it serves as a second skin, shielding building façades from sunlight while acting as a thermal layer.

Simple Plug and Play
Displaying contents on LED Media Glazing is as easy as playing a click on your mouse. The LED Media Glazing integrates a general software to fully control the most complex and dynamic content portfolio, scheduling, editing and live effects. With any configuration, basic or advanced, LED Media Glazing can be monitored and activated with a press of a button remotely over secure IP connection. For example, a media façade may display (according to a planned play-list).

High-tech Processing Technology
LED media façade systems consist of customized light elements matrices for creative lighting, graphics displays, or media solutions. In these systems LEDs are embedded on a printed circuit board, in a wire mesh or on flexible cluster. The finish fixture is aluminum extrusion for outdoor environment.  As the number (= resolution) of pixels is usually high, special types of control for signal processing, distributing and interfacing are required for high-performance display applications.

Conventional lighting system usually adopts DMX512 control channels for slow color changes. However, in case of TV-like resolution on huge building facades, FGT has developed an image processing control system called Media Façade Processor such as high-end digital image processing technology. The MFP (Media Façade Processor) allows for more effective control of LED Media Façade systems on the basis of HD-SDI, SD-SDI, HDMI and DVI.

Dimming Technology
LED Media Glazing incorporate software management to control the minimum current levels necessary to display according to the ambient lighting conditions according to the solar geometry to react to the changes in the weather and to the sun's position so as to optimize the brightness   through the LED media façade. This ensures LED Media Glazing minimizes its power consumption, and as a consequences, an increase of its life span.

Media Façade – LED Glazing (Daylight)
LED Glazing Model DLE 31/40MM DLS 25/40MM DLP 22/35MM Remark
Beam Angle 140° 140° 140°
Emitted Color RGB RGB RGB
Environment IP67 IP67 IP67
Applications Daylight Daylight Daylight
Brightness >4,000 cd/m2 >5,000 cd/m2 >6,500 cd/m2
Element Spacing 31mm/40mm 25mm/40mm 22mm/35mm
Visual Light Transmission 62.5% 62.5% 58%

Media Façade – LED Stealth (Night Only)
LED Glazing Model NE  62/62MM NE 50/50MM NE 40/50MM NE 40/40MM Remark
Beam Angle 140° 140° 140° 140°
Emitted Color RGB RGB RGB RGB
Environment IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67
Applications Night Only Night Only Night Only Night Only
Brightness 500 cd/m2 1500 cd/m2 2,000 cd/m2 3,200 cd/m2
Element Spacing 62.5mm/62.5mm 50mm/50mm 40mm/50mm 40mm/40mm
Visual Light Transmission 76%> 70% 70% 62.5%