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Product – Media Façade Solutions Overview

Architectural & Urban Media  
LED Architectural & Urban Media as an interior and exterior skin are becoming more and more popular for use in designing façades. Specially designed modules can be used as the integration with building elements in the same way as various skins and masks such sheet panels, stone, plaster, etc. These modules are also extremely well-suited for the retrofit of existing grazing and curtain wall solutions.
LED Architectural & Urban Media must be driven by interior results as much as exterior appearance. Form, siting, and skin decisions strongly influence visible light transmittance, day-lighting performance, cooling loads, occupant comfort and state-of-the-art media.
LED Architectural & Urban Media can bring the buildings aesthetics, transparency, security, sound reduction, lifecycle impacts, water penetration resistance, occupant productivity and contact with the environment, and improved office atmosphere with user control and comfort addition to energy savings.

LED Architectural & Urban Media systems consist of customized light elements matrices for creative lighting, graphics displays, or media solutions. In these systems LEDs are embedded on a printed circuit board, in a wire mesh or on flexible cluster. The finish fixture is aluminum extrusion for outdoor environment
Thus, there is a growing interest to media façades that beautify city space and attract attention of large audiences. LED Architectural & Urban Media are interesting to :

Architects and designers ;
Building owners and developers ;
Advertising agencies and TV channels ;
Marketing and advertising experts ;
Internet resources and social networks ;
Investors and sponsors.